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Old Family Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier

Red Nose American Pit Bull Terriers

Gentry's Bryant's Dixieland Delight


Red, Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier

UKC/ADBA Registered

Born: 11/18/2006

63 lbs.

21" tall at withers

Dixie's Pedigree
Old Family Red Nose Bloodlines

Dixie is a very fast and powerful dog. She is EXTREMELY athletic, very intelligent and has a nearly perfect pedigree consisting primarily of Hemphill, Wilder, and Camelot bloodlines. She has excellent conformation as well. She is very feisty and has a large amount of drive. She absolutely HATES 4-wheelers or anything mechanical that makes noise!

Dixie has a very exotic look to her that says "Old Family Red Nose" all over it! She produces dark red pups with a large amount of intelligence and drive. She also throws a few tri-colors with each litter she has. We want to thank Johnny and Alexa at AJs Reds for working with us and our bloodline to provide such great dogs for pit bull lovers everywhere to enjoy. She is such a WONDERFUL dog and a GREAT mother. Dixie has never had any incidents with the other dogs in the yard, they all get along very well with her. She is very diplomatic with any dog she knows. She does however have a huge amount of drive toward animals that she does not know. She has a very good nose on her and she will literally pull me off the path if she gets a whiff of something. She has dragged me like this to go after squirrels, deer, pigs, snakes and even turtles! She is a very curious dog and has to go after something if she smells it, she wants to check everything out.
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