Gentry's Bryant's Dixieland Delight

Female Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier
Dixie's Stats
  • Female
  • Born: 11/18/2006
  • 60 lbs
  • 21" tall at withers
  • UKC & ADBA Registered
  • Purple Ribbon Bred
  • Dixie's Pedigree

Dixie was fast, powerful, EXTREMELY athletic, very intelligent and had excellent conformation as well. She was feisty and had an enormous amount of drive. She absolutely HATED 4-wheelers or anything mechanical that made noise.

Dixie was a WONDERFUL dog and a GREAT mother. She never had any incidents with the other dogs in the yard, she got along well with all of them. She was very diplomatic with any dog she met. However Dixie did have a huge amount of drive toward other animals. She had a very good nose on her and she would literally pull me off the path if she got a whiff of anything. She dragged me off like this, in search of squirrels, deer, pigs, snakes, possums and even turtles! She was a very curious dog and wanted to check everything out.

Dixie had a very exotic look to her that said "Old Family Red Nose" all over it! She produced dark red pups with a large amount of intelligence and drive. She also had a few tri-colors in each litter that she had. We want to thank Johnny and Alexa at AJs Reds for working with us and providing us with such a great animal.

Dixie passed away on 2/21/2018. She was a one of a kind dog, and was dearly loved by us. I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that her offspring will carry some of the great traits that she possessed into future generations for others to enjoy.

Photos of Dixie