Bryant's Bittersweet

Chocolate Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier
Bittersweet's Stats
  • Female
  • Born: 11/11/2008
  • 50 lbs
  • UKC & ADBA Registered
  • Purple Ribbon Bred

Bittersweet is the daughter of Kain and Semi-Sweet. She is smaller than her mother but packed full of the same drive that Semi-Sweet has and should make a nice hog dog in the future. She is a much darker chocolate than Semi-Sweet, hence the name Semi-Sweet for milk chocolate and Bittersweet for dark chocolate. I love Bittersweet's deep dark coat, she looks much lighter in some of the pictures on this page and they just do not do her justice.

Bittersweet is very protective and actually stopped a man from attacking me that had followed us into the woods during one of our walks. She was only 9 months old at the time and she would not let this man within 3 feet of us! She was going crazy flipping around and flying up in the air trying to get at him. I am SO proud of her and probably owe my life to her for what she did. I have no doubt in my mind that he had followed us to rape or kill me. He was very strange and after sneaking up on us he told me that he had followed me because he seen a "pretty girl" going into the woods. I finally got him to leave and we took another way out in case he was waiting on us. When we got back on the road, he seen us again and got in his car and followed us down the main road to my driveway to see where I lived. He kept telling me that I could leave stuff in the mailbox for him and visit him. What a nut job! I told him if he didn't leave me alone Mike would find him. I haven't seen him since that day and avoid going anywhere near where he had followed us.

Needless to say, I am dedicated to this dog for protecting me against this weirdo and I hope to produce many more dogs like her within my breeding program. Many years ago when a crazy guy named Gary Hilton was finding women on hikes in the North Carolina and Georgia mountains and kidnapping, raping and chopping them up, I told Mike that if these women hadn't been walking alone with tiny little foo foo dogs and had a dog like ours they would have had a fighting chance of getting away. Now I am certain that pit bulls are the way to go, especially ours, they are so protective and fierce enough to scare away any predator. A pit bull's loyalty and love are unconditional, they will do whatever it takes to protect the people they love.

Bittersweet as a Puppy