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Planned Breedings

Please see our Puppies page for red nose pit bull puppies that are available for sale right now!

Our red nose pit bulls are bred in the traditional style from great Old Family Red Nose pit bull bloodlines. When you buy a red nose pit bull puppy from us, you can rest assured that you are not only getting a well bred pit bull, but also getting a pit bull that is well cared for by experienced breeders.

Shipping is available.

We can get the puppies ears cropped for you for an additional $750. Our vet has cropped every one of our dogs ears since the year 2000. He has done an excellent job every time!

Payment Info: We accept Paypal which makes it easy to use a credit card when purchasing a puppy. To pay using Paypal, just press the payment buttons near the puppy's pick number on this page. We also accept money orders sent to our home. There is a 4% fee added to your payment when you use Paypal through our website... there are NO FEES if you send a money order to our home. There is also the option to send us the Paypal payment as a "Gift" and neither of us will have to pay the fee. You will need to login to Paypal and choose the option to send money to family or friends, if you want to send it as a gift. If you would like to mail a money order to our home, just let us know and we will email you our address.

If you decide to only pay the deposit on a young puppy, you can pay the balance in cash when you pick the puppy up or we can send you an invoice through Paypal to pay the balance with your credit card. Please read Our Sales Policy at the bottom of our puppies page before sending any payments.