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Our Pit Bull's Ancestors

Brodt's Demon
Camarano's Buster Jo
Camelot's Ouzi White Paws
Camelot's Rajun Cajun
Camelot's The Duke
Crenshaw's CH Honeybunch ROM
Crenshaw's Jeep
Douglas' Reno
Famous Dogmen
Ferguson's Centipede
Hanson's Jo Mite
Hearn's Little Red Baron II
High's Red Amber
High's Red Ripper
High's Red Roscoe
Kracker's (J & A's) Lil Harley
Kubar's Golden Bud
McKenna's Hara
McKenna's Leinbock Pandora
Medder's Tiger Jack
Oehler's Danger Zone
Peterson's Bewitched Brandy
Peterson's Lexus
Peterson's Sherman Tank
Peterson's Zeus
Pool's Max
Pritt's Red Duster II
Sarona's Trouble
Sarona Widowmaker
Sitze's Red Lady
Sitze's Red Rocky
Sitze's Red Scarlet
Sitze's Red Special
Thebeau's Red Hot Chili Pepper
Thebeau's Red Hot Shredder
Trump's Red Pepper
Wilder's Geronimo II
Wilder's Reckless Red
Wilder's Red Apache
Wilder's Red Bruiser
Wilder's Red Dot
Wilder's Red Satan
Wood & Wilder's Inferno II