Bryant's Red Devils

Red Nose American Pit Bull Terriers

Bryant's Little Ann, Female Red Nose Pit Bull

Bryant's Little Ann
Born: 4/5/2011
Red, Red Nose
58 lbs.
Georgia, USA

ADBA/UKC Registered

OFRN Bloodlines consist of Hemphill, Wilder, Sarona, Sitzes, Pritts, Camelot, Heinzl, Loposay, Clouse, Dangerzone
Generation 1
Generation 2
Generation 3
Generation 4
Bryant's Bullseye
Bryant's Raising Kain
Thebeau's Red Hot Shredder
Camelot's Rajun Cajun
Thbu's Red Hot Chili Pepper
Kracker's Lil Harley
Mitchem's Red Hoss
Robbie's Mighty Callie
Bryant's Semi-Sweet
Sonia's Animal
Camelot Pits (Sonia's) Trip
Camelot Pits Baby Girl (Sonia's Baby Girl)
McKenna's Abbey Gail
Peterson's Metz's Tankster
McKenna's Leinbock Pandora
Gentry's Bryant's Dixieland Delight
Gentry's Samson
Bryant's Raising Kain
Thebeau's Red Hot Shredder
Kracker's Lil Harley
Bryant's Semi-Sweet
Sonia's Animal
McKenna's Abbey Gail
Gentry's (Cater's) Dixie Lee
High’s Red Ripper
High’s Red Roscoe (Brandt's Light Foot)
Lewis' Red Brandy
High's Red Amber
High’s Red Roscoe (Brandt's Light Foot)
Lewis Red June (High's Ms Grunt)

Percent of blood by ancestor
Bryant's Bullseye 50 %
Gentry's Bryant's Dixieland Delight 50 %
Bryant's Raising Kain 37.5 %
Bryant's Semi-Sweet 37.5 %
Gentry's Samson 25 %
Gentry's (Cater's) Dixie Lee 25 %
Thebeau's Red Hot Shredder 18.75 %
Kracker's Lil Harley 18.75 %
Sonia's Animal 18.75 %
McKenna's Abbey Gail 18.75 %
High’s Red Ripper 12.5 %
High's Red Amber 12.5 %
High’s Red Roscoe (Brandt's Light Foot) 12.5 %
Camelot's Rajun Cajun 6.25 %
Thbu's Red Hot Chili Pepper 6.25 %
Mitchem's Red Hoss 6.25 %
Robbie's Mighty Callie 6.25 %
Sonia's Trip 6.25 %
Camelot Pits (Sonia's) Baby Girl 6.25 %
Peterson's Metz's Tankster 6.25 %
McKenna's Leinbock Pandora 6.25 %
High’s Lewis' Red Brandy 6.25 %
Lewis' Red June 6.25 %

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